Put Our Kids Back On The Bus!

For the 2016-2017 school year the Ramapo Central School District has cut transportation services for non-public schools:


RCSD is only providing busing for one arrival time and one dismissal time per school. For schools with more than one division that have different starting and ending times for their classes, this leaves many students without a bus to get to or from school at the proper time.


RCSD is only providing busing to one building per school. For schools with more than one campus- due to space requirements or separate girls’ and boys’ divisions, this means that many students will not be transported to their actual school building.


There will be no bus service on non-mandated school days, such as legal holidays or days when public schools are closed.

Impact Statement

Impact Statement

For families with two working parents, RCSD’s new transportation policy is a serious challenge to their ability to work and live in the District, especially in view of the extremely high school taxes assessed on each property. However, even if residents don’t have children in the school system, or are not experiencing busing problems this year, there are other impacts that affect everyone, even beyond the traffic, pollution and safety issues. Our community’s tax dollars are not being properly allocated to the limited mandated services that the private school students are eligible to receive, and it could become more challenging to sell homes within the District if private school transportation is an issue.

Mission Statement

Rockland POET, Inc, was formed by concerned taxpayers in Rockland County, NY to protect the rights of all citizens, regardless of race, religion, or gender; to prevent and defeat discrimination in all forms; to educate the public in regards to civil liberties, civil rights, discrimination and equal treatment under the law; and to enable individuals and communities to stand up for their rights by providing financial support for defensive legal action.


In order to reverse these changes, we must file an administrative appeal with the NYS Education Department, as well as a lawsuit against the School District.

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