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Parents Organized for Equal Treatment

Because every child deserves a seat on the bus

Problem #1

SCSD is only providing busing for one arrival time and one dismissal time per school. For schools with more than one division that have different starting and ending times for their classes, this leaves many students without a bus to get to or from school at the proper time

Problem #2

SCSD is only providing busing to one building per school. For schools with more than one campus- due to space requirements or separate girls’ and boys’ divisions, this means that many students will not be transported to their actual school building.

Problem #3

There will be no bus service on non-mandated school days, such as legal holidays or days when public schools are closed.

Put Our Kids Back On The Bus !

For the 2016-2017 school year the Suffern Central School District has cut trnasportation services for non-public schools.

Rockland POET, Inc, was formed by concerned taxpayers in Rockland County, NY to protect the rights of all citizens, regardless of race, religion, or gender; to prevent and defeat discrimination in all forms; to educate the public in regards to civil liberties, civil rights, discrimination and equal treatment under the law; and to enable individuals and communities to stand up for their rights by providing financial support for defensive legal action.

Who Cares?

Every concerned parent and responsible educator care about fair busing and equality in services.
You should care too!

I Support this because every kid deserves access to school and great bussing. Suffern Central's policy is not consistent with anyone else anywhere.

Eric Andersen

If education is truly important to this county, then getting our children to their place of education should be a priority. These proposed cuts affect the entire county, not just this district, because, if education is not important to your neighboring district, then an entire area is at risk for problems.

Lee Adams

I am A SCSD residence and pay a huge school tax bill yearly, this kind of action creates private school parents to run from being on public school board memeber and then creates the conflicts and diffrances to look the way East Ramapo School board.

Joseph Brach

My children deserve safe transportation to and from school. The steep taxes I pay, which includes a sizable section that provides for the comfort and wellbeing of the public school children (with ironically multiple bus schedules), should be sufficient enough for my children's basic right to their time appropriate buses. The Suffern Central School District's services must be equitable for all children.

Chana Brecher

We deserve better after the amount of taxes we pay and use minimum from the district -our kids deserve to be bussed home according to three schools schedule not the transportation department -your staff earns enough to money to make whatever it takes work for your overexhausted overpaid taxpayers

Leah Lebovits

It makes no sense for a first grader and an eighth grader to have the same arrival and dismissal time.

Harry Grossman

A District is to provide services for all its constituents public and non public. Pulling the ropes in a way that only non public school children is simply unethical . We deserve better and respectfully expect better

Moshe Kohn

I chose, and appreciate living in Suffern. However Noone will deny taxes are exorbitant and of the highest around. If I pay very high taxes to live here, and I don't incur much expense to the township in schooling my child, I believe we are at least entitled to busing. It would cost the Township way, way more to educate my child.

Suri Hertz

I feel this is wrong from the town of Ramapo, I pay taxes and the only thing we get from the town, is school bus services!! Now they want to limit it too. Also residents living next to schools will suffer of the amount of traffic will become because of all mothers dropping off their children! And most upsetting is for me as a mom of different age children will have to do multiple dropoffs. As my schedule is not complicated enough, when will we moms get to relax!

Temmy Junger

SCSD has already significantly diminished the amount of schoolndays that non-public school children receive transportation. There is enough room in the budget to cover transportation costs as the budget grows and property taxes increase with each passing school year. If SCSD needs to find more money in their budget for other pursuits, let them look elsewhere. Enough taking from the non-public school population.

Suri Witonsky

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